Pratt & Whitney Finishes MRO Americas Much Wiser

Friday, April 28, 2017


MRO Americas is hosted in the expansive Orlando's Orange County Convention Center. There, the PW1100G-JM engine is set up, as well as a slick, two-level booth in a prime location.

"Our booth was really shaped with the customer experience in mind," said John Renehan, executive director, Marketing.


EngineWise is launched, a brand committed to helping customers run their businesses efficiently.

"And it brings together our capability to use knowledge, expertise, and people's experience and use that as a thread for everything we do," said Eva Azoulay, vice president, Engine Services.

Also on Tuesday is the beginning of the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, where Pratt & Whitney is a main sponsor. For the first time, Pratt & Whitney fields employees from across the country to compete.

"You're part of a team, you want to do your best, you know, we do a lot of this day-to-day, but now it's your time to shine and show what your made of," said Michael Varela, service coordinator, Line Maintenance Services.

Pratt & Whitney also sponsored a session on big data, and how the industry is working together to make it a more streamlined process.


Our virtual reality continues to excite and fascinate customers – getting a look at our technology like never before.

"So again, it's about sharing intelligence with customers," said Sharon Maloney, marketing manager.

Human Resources representatives are also on hand to talk to students about the vast array of jobs now open at the company.

"This is a great recruiting tool to talk to students right in front of the engine that they will be working on," said Brian Denny, human resources manager, Columbus Engine Center.


The MRO show wraps up, as does the maintenance competition. Glass "EngineWise" trophies are given to the winning teams, and Customer Training Center General Manager Bruce Hall makes an exciting announcement to the next generation of mechanics.

"The best part of that for me was recognizing the student team that won from AIM (Aviation Institute of Maintenance) Houston. And for us, we were able to give a scholarship to the entire team so each member can come take a class at the Customer Training Center," he said.

MRO Americas 2017 centered on the unveiling of "EngineWise," coupled with the sponsorship of the Aerospace Maintenance Competition that featured the Geared Turbofan engine.

It was a good week.