Pratt & Whitney Supporting Emerging India Aviation Market

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

India is the second most populated country in the world and based on studies by the United Nations, India is slated to be the world's largest country by 2022.

That growth is aiding a booming aviation industry, where some studies suggest it will become the third largest market by 2020. For that reason, it is clear why Pratt & Whitney has a significant presence here, especially with its customer training center that opened in 2015.

"If the industry here grows, the company, Pratt & Whitney benefits, and we can sell more engines. It is in our interest to help the industry prosper and grow," said Amit Pathak, general manager, Pratt & Whitney India Customer Training Center.

With an increase in disposable income, flying has become affordable. And because of that, the demand for single-aisle aircraft has grown exponentially. This positions Pratt & Whitney as a go-to engine provider with either the Geared Turbofan engine, which will have the largest install base for GTF technology, or the V2500. India is also a showcase for what United Technologies as a whole can offer a customer.

"We know a lot of the customers in India, a lot of the LLCs in India, a lot of the bigger customers fly the engine. We think it's a giant market for the V2500; it has been, and it continues to be that way. You see airlines are still buying A320ceos, which are with the current engine, and of course they will look at the A320neos," said Jim Speich, senior marketing manager, Pratt & Whitney.

"So somebody has to look at India as a growth market for the next 10 to 15 years, and have a one-company approach – across not only the Pratt & Whitney division, Commercial Engines, Military Engines, MC&O, Pratt & Whitney Canada, but we should also leverage our strength across UTC Aerospace Systems," said Palash Roy Chowdhury, country manager and managing director, India division.

Clearly, a fundamental concept in economics is supply and demand. The demand is evident - but to grow in an emerging market, you also need talent. Pratt & Whitney has collaborated with local governments and universities to help cultivate prospects that will fill a very large aviation job pool.

"There is a lot of requirement for the industry to come in and help bridge the academia and industry gap that exists today," Pathak said.