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T34 Engine

The T34 was the first axial flow gas turbine engine designed and produced by Pratt & Whitney.

Pratt & Whitney had studied the possibilities of commercial and military transports powered by large, gas turbine-driven propellers. Funded by the U.S. Navy, Pratt & Whitney developed the PT2/T34 turboprop engine for large military cargo aircraft.

The T34 turboprop engine first flew in September 1950, installed in the nose of a B-17 flying test bed. The Boeing KC-97J, which later became the B-377 Super Guppy, was this engine's first application. The Air Force then selected it for the Douglas C-133A Cargomaster. Originally developing 5,700 shaft horsepower, later models delivered 7,500 shaft horsepower.


  • Design start: 1946
  • First flight: 1950
  • Production years: 1951-1960
  • Weight: ~2,870 pounds
  • Rating: 5,550 SHP to 7,500 SHP with water injection

Airplanes Powered

  • Douglas C-133
  • Boeing B-377SG
  • Boeing C-97J
  • Lockheed C-121F