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PW2000 Engine

Pratt & Whitney's PW2000 engine covers
the mid-thrust range from 37,000 pounds to
43,000 pounds.

The PW2000 powers all models of the twin-engine Boeing 757, and is the exclusive power as the F117 for the four-engine C-17 Globemaster III military transport. The PW2040 model also power’s the U.S. Air Force’s
C-32A, the military version of the 757.

The PW2000 engine entered revenue service in 1984 as the first commercial engine with FADEC (Full-Authority Digital Electronic Control) technology. Pratt & Whitney introduced an improved version of the PW2000, the Reduced Temperature Configuration (RTC) in 1994. This enhanced model offers improved reliability and durability for long on-wing times and reduced total maintenance cost, along with excellent environmental performance.

The PW2000 is approved for 180-minute Extended-range Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS) and meets all current and proposed noise and missions regulations worldwide.


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  • Fan tip diameter: 78.5 in
  • Length, flange to flange: 141.4 in
  • Takeoff thrust: 37,250–43,000 lb
  • Flat rated temperature: 87°F
  • Bypass ratio: 6.0
  • Overall pressure ratio: 27.6–31.2
  • Fan pressure ratio: 1.74

Engine Models

  • PW2037
  • PW2040
  • PW2043

Airplanes Powered

  • Boeing 757