Pratt & Whitney and Other UTC Sites in Singapore Mark World Water Day

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pratt & Whitney EH&S Vice President Mary Anne Cannon, along with a group of about 500 employees and their family members from across UTC's sites in Singapore, participated in the recent Singapore World Water Day festivities to highlight the country's ongoing commitment to preserving fresh, potable water for Singapore's residents.

In addition to participating in the national event, UTC sites in Singapore organized six booths to promote learning about safe water conservation practices through fun activities for local children.

When asked what they learned as they walked away from the UTC booths, one child quipped, "we all need to save water," while others shouted "every drop counts," and "we cannot pollute the water."

Since 2006, Pratt & Whitney's sites in Singapore have reduced water consumption by 55 percent – enough water to fill about 32 Olympic sized swimming pools – by developing several effective practices to reduce water usage, including closed looping wastewater processes; installing low flow faucets and fixtures; rain water harvesting; cooling tower management; filtration systems; and using recycled water in industrial processes.

"Across UTC, we are committed to minimizing the impact of our products and services on the environment," Cannon said. "For example, Pratt & Whitney's 2025 Sustainability Goals target areas where we can deliver the most benefit in reducing our impact on the environment at all of our global facilities. Given that Singapore is considered a water-scarce region, it is our responsibility as good corporate citizens not only to preserve as much water as we can, but also with the Singapore government, and the local community to raise awareness about water scarcity and inform them about practical ways to preserve water on their own as well."

Currently, UTC operates 19 sites in Singapore, employing nearly 5,000 people.

This is the fourth consecutive year UTC sites in Singapore have rallied together and participated as an effort to highlight the importance of water conservation during the annual country's annual World Water Day events.