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Pratt & Whitney Volunteers Take to the River During Annual Source to Sea Cleanup

By Barbara Bresnahan | Correspondent
EAST HARTFORD, Conn., Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013

Each year, more than 2,000 volunteers converge on the Connecticut River and its tributaries to join in an extraordinary event aimed at cleaning the river system for a safer, healthier and more vibrant environment.

The event, called the annual Source to Sea Cleanup, is run by the Connecticut River Watershed Council and took place on Oct. 4 and 5. Now in its 17th year, the effort has resulted in cleaner water, river banks, parks, boat launches and trails covering 91 miles along the four-state watershed of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

This year, a number of Pratt & Whitney volunteers joined a group from Goodwin College's Environmental Studies group and members of CME Associates to participate in the cleanup along the Hockanum River. While others boarded boats, canoes and kayaks in their efforts, this particular group of approximately 25 took to the paths, woods, banks and water on foot. In only the first half hour, a large pile of debris had begun to accumulate at the wheelbarrow dump site and was eventually hauled away. Recyclables were handled separately by the team, which included the Pratt & Whitney volunteers who were organized by Brandon Howard, and was captained by Wayne Bugden, director of Environmental Services at CME Associates.

Each year, Pratt & Whitney employees generously volunteer their time and energy to make our local communities better places. They participate in many local projects and community efforts, such as this one. Whether through contributions and grants, sponsorships or volunteer manpower, Pratt & Whitney's corporate citizenship is unwavering.

For more information about the Connecticut River Watershed Council and 2013's trash tallies, visit www.ctriver.org.

Photo Credit

Photos by Barbara Bresnahan

Photo Captions

Photo 1: Source to Sea Cleanup volunteers from Goodwin College's Environmental Studies group (pictured) met up with Pratt & Whitney and CME Associates volunteers at Hockanum Park in East Hartford on Oct. 5 to begin cleanup along the Hockanum River.

Photo 2: Source to Sea Cleanup volunteers from Pratt & Whitney are pictured alongside volunteers from CME Associates. The two groups met up with volunteers from Goodwin College to participate in the Oct. 5 cleanup along the Hockanum River. The Pratt & Whitney volunteers were organized by Brandon Howard (bottom right) and included Mitch and Dean Sadoski, Shauna Hendricks, Anthony Dedominic (whose mother works at P&W), John Lundquist and Roz Amirfazli.

Photo 3: Trash pick up began right at the "no dumping" sign at the entrance to a path that leads to the Hockanum River.

Photo 4: John Guszkowski of CME Associates, left, holds one of the first items to be retrieved from the Hockanum River - a "no dumping" sign. Shauna Hendricks of Pratt & Whitney, right, searches the banks of the Hockanum River for trash.

Photo 5: Mitch Sadoski of Pratt & Whitney, right, donned his waders for a trek through the waters of the Hockanum River to retrieve garbage.

Photo 6: Within the first half hour of the cleanup efforts, a mound of building materials, clothing and metal began to pile up. Roz Amirfazli from Pratt & Whitney, right, rolls a wheel and axle from the shore of the Hockanum River during the Source to Sea Cleanup.