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Pratt & Whitney Spiffies Up Hockanum Elementary School During Green Apple Day of Service

By Barbara Bresnahan
EAST HARTFORD, Conn., | Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Green Apple Day of Service took place on Saturday, Sept. 28, and Pratt & Whitney was among several leading firms in Connecticut that joined in on the action.

The Green Apple Day of Service gives individuals, organizations and companies the opportunity to transform schools and other institutions of learning into clean, safe, energy-efficient environments.

Between parent company UTC and Pratt & Whitney, 15 Green Apple projects took place in September, including a landscaping project at Hockanum Elementary School in East Hartford, Conn., where nearly 40 Pratt & Whitney volunteers - a majority from the Engineers Without Borders organization - were on hand to paint, dig, rake and plant.

"There's a lot of people involved," said Heather Summerer, Pratt & Whitney's manager of Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Events. "The town came in and prepped all the land for us, Goodwin College donated plantings and landscaping services by Christine Randazzo. She even brought one of her suppliers, Harvest New England, to donate mulch. It really is a great community effort."

Pratt & Whitney also sponsored two Green Apple projects in China and one in Singapore.

"In China, we're replacing LED lighting inside of schools, we've bought recycling bins, and we also bought and installed water-saving faucets," said Summerer.

"The project in Singapore is solely about water conservation because that's such a big problem there," Summerer explained. "They're installing water-saving faucets. And in both China and Singapore, they are doing lessons and activities with the students to teach them about conservation."

The Green Apple Day of Service is coordinated through the Connecticut Green Building Council (CTGBC), which is a chapter of the United States Green Building Council. For more information, visit www.ctgbc.org.

Photo Credit

Photos 1-6: Barbara Bresnahan

Photo Captions

Photo 1: Pratt & Whitney's Sasha Vagodnaya (left) and Heather Summerer (right) lent a hand painting soccer posts on the morning of Sept. 28. Professional landscaper (center) Christine Randazzo oversaw the landscape work being done at Hockanum Elementary School.

Photo 2: Hockanum Elementary School, located at 191 Main Street in East Hartford, was one of three Pratt & Whitney projects that received "green" updates on Sept. 28 during the Green Apple Day of Service.

Photo 3: Renee Welsh, director of Facilities and Services at Pratt & Whitney, gives a cheer for the volunteers and Christine Randazzo (left), who volunteered her landscaping expertise to the project.

Photo 4: Tools and supplies were lined up, ready and waiting for approximately 40 Pratt & Whitney volunteers who arrived at Hockanum Elementary School on the morning of Sept. 28. Wheelbarrows full of donated mulch awaited the volunteers who prepped the area in front of the school for new plants.

Photo 5: Michael George (left) contemplates the next step as he works in the garden beds in front of Hockanum Elementary School in East Hartford. Alisha Desilva (center), of United Technologies Research Center, was among the volunteers who helped with the landscape project.

Photo 6: Renee Welsh (left), Lucia Liao (center), Emily Porter, Gloria Wu and Keith Thompson (right)donned their work gloves and got to work on the grounds of East Hartford's Hockanum Elementary School.

Photos 7-10: Pratt & Whitney also sponsored two Green Apple projects in China. Projects focused on replacing LED lighting inside of schools, installing recycling bins and water-saving facuets. Students also had a lesson on conservation.