Advanced Turbine Engine Company Touts HPW3000 Engine at AUSA Trade Show

Thursday, October 25, 2012

During the annual meeting of the Association of the U.S. Army, held in Washington, D.C., ATEC representatives were eager to discuss their HPW3000 engine with leaders from the Army aviation community. The HPW3000 is being developed by the Pratt & Whitney/Honeywell joint venture as a potential replacement engine for the Army's Black Hawk and Apache helicopter fleets.

Army helicopters have been workhorses over the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan, and after more than a decade of operations in high and hot conditions in the region, the Army is looking to get greater capability, range, and fuel efficiency from their Black Hawk and Apache fleets.

The HPW3000 is being offered as a solution to the Army's needs under the service's Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP). The program's goal is to build a 50 percent more powerful and 25 percent more fuel-efficient military engine for the Black Hawk and Apache platforms, as well as for the next generation Future Vertical Lift helicopter.

"The ATEC HPW3000 will not only meet current Army mission capability requirements, it will also have a power growth capability of 25 percent," said Jerry Wheeler, vice president, ATEC. "As a result, the platforms will be able to reach higher altitudes than they can with the current engines, and they will be able to carry more troops to even greater distances."

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