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USAF engine overhaul

Pratt & Whitney takes care of your engines
so you can focus on flying.

Our Engine Centers have developed state-of-the-art material management and supply chain management systems, which offer complete Contractor Furnished Material supply capability. By using Contractor Furnished Material, our customers take advantage of our unparalleled strength in vendor and distributor relationships to minimize delays in part delivery and to reduce overall cost.

We offer:

  • • Forecasted inventory needs
  • • Secured material required to support your production schedules
  • • Managed repair sourcing
  • • New or serviceable material as scrap replacement
  • • Dependable turn around times

Seven Pratt & Whitney Engine Centers offer services for the military customer:

  • • The San Antonio Engine Centers
  • • The Middle East Propulsion Company (MEPC)
  • • The Cheshire Engine Center
  • • F117, F119, F135 Heavy Maintenance Center
  • • The Columbus Engine Center
  • • The Middletown Engine Center
  • • The Belgium Engine Center

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