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Pratt & Whitney's success with the axial flow, dual-spool design led to the development of the higher thrust J75 (JT4) engine, rated at 26,500 pounds of thrust with afterburning.

It powered the F-105, the F-106 Delta Dart and an advanced U-2 model. The commercial version, the JT4, powered upgraded models of 707 and DC-8 aircraft.


  • First flight: 1955
  • Production years: 1956-1967

Airplanes Powered

  • Republic F-105
  • General Dynamics F-106
  • Martin P6M
  • Lockheed U-2A
  • Boeing 707-220, 320
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-8-20
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-8-30
  • North American F-107A