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A second Turbo Wasp—the J48—started
production in 1950.

At that time, it was the most powerful turbojet in the United States, providing 6,250 pounds of dry static thrust and up to 8,750 pounds with afterburner and water injection. It powered the Navy's F9F-5 Panther and F9F-6 Cougar manufactured by Grumman, as well as the Air Force's Lockheed F-94C Starfire and North American F-93A. The J48 engine was active during the Korean Conflict in the early 50s, along with the company's product line of piston engines.


  • First flight: 1949
  • Production years: 1949-1959
  • Engines produced: 4,108

Airplanes Powered

  • Grumman F9F-2