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Pratt & Whitney's F135 Engine Powers The F-35

Pratt & Whitney’s F135 propulsion system is the engine of choice for the F-35 Lightning II, fifth generation, advanced, single-engine tactical fighter developed by Lockheed Martin in conjunction with BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman.

The F-35 includes three variants to meet the unique needs of the three branches of the U.S. armed forces as well as the international participants—the Conventional Takeoff and Landing (CTOL), the Carrier Variant (CV) and the Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing (STOVL). The F135 is the derivative of the proven F119-PW-100 engine, the technologically advanced turbofan engine exclusively powering the U.S. Air Force’s F-22 Raptor. It features advanced prognostics and health management systems, and the engine is designed to significantly lower maintenance costs. Pratt & Whitney leads the aerospace industry in single engine safety and maturity. The proven and dependable F119 engine enables us to offer the safest and most reliable product for our customers. Learn more about the F119 Engine.

The F135 effortlessly powered the F-35 Lightning II’s successful first flight on December 15, 2006, and continues to power the ongoing CTOL flight test program. By the time the F135 enters operation in 2013, the F119 engines will have logged more than 600,000 flying hours and the F135 will have logged more than 16,000 flying hours.

The F-35 is truly an international program being developed to serve the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway and other allied nations. Pratt & Whitney has partnered with the best aerospace companies in the world to manufacture critical components of the F135, with the goal of producing the most advanced propulsion system while providing value to F-35 customers around the world.



  • F135 CTOL
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  • F135 CV
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  • F135 STOVL
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Engine Models

  • F135-PW-100
  • F135-PW-400
  • F135-PW-600

Airplanes Powered

  • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter