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Pratt & Whitney only accepts applications online for funding. As a division of United Technologies Corp., Pratt & Whitney directs its philanthropic support toward developing the next generation of engineers, researchers and business professionals, promoting a clean and safe environment, and encouraging excellence through the arts. For more information on contributions and the grant application process, or to apply online,
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We are a proud supporter of the United Way, helping us fund a broad range of non-profit organizations within the local communities of our U.S. operations. Combined with United Technologies, millions of dollars have supported charitable organizations across the United States.

Our employees generously volunteer their time and energy to make our local communities better places. They participate in many local projects and community efforts such as serving meals in homeless shelters, building houses for Habitat for Humanity, fundraising for charities, acting as Big Brothers and Big Sisters and sponsoring annual food and clothing drives. To support and encourage our employees' community efforts, Pratt & Whitney proudly offers the following employee programs:

Volunteer Grant Program

Regular, full-time employees may apply for a $250 grant for non-profit organizations to which they volunteer. To be eligible, an employee must be actively involved with the organization for at least one year and volunteer a minimum of 60 hours per calendar year. To learn more about program guidelines or to submit a new request, click here.

Community Power Grant Program

A team of Pratt & Whitney volunteers, consisting of 5 to 15 people, chooses a local educational institution or non-profit human services organization in need of support. The Pratt & Whitney team and the non-profit partner then select a project that furthers the goals of the organization. Each team member must work on the project for a minimum of 15 hours over a two to six month period. Upon completion of the project, the partner organization receives a $2,500 grant from Pratt & Whitney.

Green Power Grant

A Pratt & Whitney volunteer team consisting of a minimum of three employees, partners with a non-profit organization whose primary focus is on the environment. The team works on a project which will enhance, protect or preserve the environment or teach others the value of doing so. The Pratt & Whitney volunteers each work a minimum of three hours on the project. When the project is completed, the partner organization will receive a $500 to $5,000 grant from Pratt & Whitney.

UTC Matching Gifts

Our Matching Gift Program offers a way for employees to double their contributions to some of their favorite non-profit educational, cultural and environmental organizations. Since 1967, United Technologies Corporation has matched millions of dollars of employee donations to schools, colleges and universities, cultural institutions and environmental organizations. To learn more about program guidelines or to submit a new request,
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