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The Wasp. The Hornet. The JT3D. Famous engines that gave aviation a big lift.

Since 1925, Pratt & Whitney has built more than a half-million piston and jet engines in 30 engine families. From early barnstormers to World War II fighters, from the first passenger planes to ground-breaking military jets, Pratt & Whitney engines have powered hundreds of different aircraft from years past.

From the menu, click through the collection of our engines that are out of production. In the tradition of Dependable Engines, many of these engines continue to fly around the world.

Now Available

Dependable Engines: The Story of Pratt & Whitney

"Dependable Engines: The Story of Pratt & Whitney," a comprehensive company history written by former Pratt & Whitney media relations director Mark Sullivan, is now in print.

Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics as part of its “Library of Flight” series, the 164-page book is the first company chronicle issued in more than 50 years. Order the book from AIAA.