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One Million Part Repairs Performed Each Year

Our 90 years of engine maintenance experience is captured in every repair we perform. Our broad capabilities and global reach give us the flexibility to tailor part repair programs to meet your requirements.

We are committed to improving engine durability and reducing part scrap to create value. We focus on your priorities and have the expertise to approach your part repair in the context of the whole engine system.

Our team of more than 300 repair development engineers continually raises the bar by creating new repairs – more than 25,000 part repairs developed in the past 10 years. Each repair is put through a stringent qualification process and is backed by the most experienced engineering organization in the industry.

Our global part repair network consists of 13 dedicated repair facilities specializing in distinct part families, allowing us to build a deep understanding of repair processes. These centers of excellence drive innovation and quality and are linked to each other by a single quality system. The power of this network enables us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of repairs.

Pratt & Whitney Repair Facilities

Asian Compressor Technology Services Asian Compressor Technology Services

Pratt & Whitney AutoAir Pratt & Whitney AutoAir

Component Aerospace Singapore Component Aerospace Singapore

Connecticut Rotating Parts Connecticut Rotating Parts

Connecticut Stators & Components Connecticut Stators and Components

Dallas Airfoil Repair Operations Dallas Airfoil Repair Operations

International Aerospace Tubes Asia International Aerospace Tubes Asia

North Berwick Repair Operations North Berwick Repair Operations

Pratt & Whitney PSD Pratt & Whitney PSD

Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions

PWA International Repair & Supplier Logistics

Turbine Overhaul Services Turbine Overhaul Services

1Source Aero Services 1Source Aero Services