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Pratt & Whitney AeroPower designs and manufactures a variety of products for commercial and military aircraft.

Products include airborne auxiliary power units and ground power units and, small expendable and recoverable turbojet propulsion systems. This business unit – formerly part of Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems* – joined Pratt & Whitney in July 2012 as part of a realignment within UTC.

Auxiliary Power Units

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) are gas turbine engines used primarily during aircraft ground operation to provide electricity, compressed air, and/or shaft power for main engine start, air conditioning, electric power and other aircraft systems. APUs can also provide backup electric power during in-flight operation.

Pratt & Whitney AeroPower's products cover a variety of commercial aircraft, including the Embraer 135, 145, 170 and 190, Bombardier's dash8-100/-200/-300/-400, as well as the Boeing 717, 747-400, 747-8 and 787. The organization's APUs are also found on the Airbus A320 family of aircraft and the A380.

Pratt & Whitney AeroPower is a major supplier of gas turbine APUs for military applications, including helicopters such as the V-22, CH-53K, Blackhawk and Chinook, fighters such as the F-16, JAS39 and T-50, and military transports including the C-5, A400M and KC390.

Expendable Turbojets

Pratt & Whitney AeroPower's expendable turbojet engines are designed for military applications including tactical missiles, decoys, jammers, aerial targets, and UAVs. Although simple in design, these engines incorporate advanced turbine technologies that provide reliable high altitude start capability, low fuel burn, compact packaging and state-of-the-art Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) engine controllers.

Click here to visit the legacy Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems customer service website.

* The auxiliary power unit and small turbojet propulsion businesses of Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems became Pratt & Whitney AeroPower on July 27, 2012. Be advised that although we are now using the Pratt & Whitney AeroPower name, logo and trademarks for most purposes, FAA rules require that production approvals, product/part markings, and associated contracts and proposals remain in the name of Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation during a transition period that is planned to conclude in 2014.